Encouraged by innovations in various fields, clients are looking for new types of real estate concept. Buildings that encourage employees to excel. Inspirational and meaningful working environments in a flexible and sustainable building. Stylish ‘icons’ that reinforce the clients’ image in the employment market.

Fulfilling expectations

Meanwhile, the real estate chain is also changing rapidly. The role of the project developer as an intermediary between the client and the construction firm is becoming less important. As far as possible, clients want a single party to take on the combined design and construction. In this way, they can maintain an overview of the entire process and can be certain that they will get what they were expecting.

As developer and constructor, we are able to deliver maximum value to our clients by realising the design, engineering and construction. Together with clients, Dura Vermeer develops and constructs large new-build projects for the offices and utilities market. We now have dozens of high-profile iconic buildings for (inter)national clients to our name. Often realised under high time pressure, in challenging market conditions and with a guaranteed cost ceiling.

How can we do this?

Because we, as a real estate partner, take responsibility for the entire project. From design up to and including realisation. We understand and manage the challenges in each phase and, in doing so, we take the work and concerns out of our clients’ hands.

Large, ambitious projects don’t get off the ground all by themselves. If such a project arises, our clients can trust and build on our extensive expertise, experience and a dedicated team that is 100% committed from start to finish. Dura Vermeer has all the expertise it needs in-house. If necessary, we can also act as a risk-bearing partner. We deliver projects on time, up to standard and with fixed costs.

'We deliver maximum value to our clients by realising the design, engineering and construction.'